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  • What kind of Services do you offer for Job Seekers?

    We offer the following services to our Candidates so that they can reach their full potential:

    1. Match Candidates to the Client(s) where they will be a great fit
    2. Behaviour Coaching / training to be a culture fit in the Hiring Company
    3. Resume services to present their unique experiences in a concise and precise way highlighting their achievements
    4. Health and wellness coaching
    5. And many more….

  • How are you different from other staffing agencies?

    Our mission is to help people achieve their true potential. Our relation with Candidates goes beyond placements. We believe in the power of word of mouth and referrals. Happy Candidates using our services come back to us when they are ready for a change or refer to us their family or friends!

  • How do I avail your services?

    We recommend checking out our existing job openings. If you don’t find a job that piqs your interest, please do still get in touch with us by submitting this form. Do not forget to use Job Number as “0” while submitting the form. As soon as we have reviewed your resume, one of our partners will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

  • Do I need to sign a RTR with EstroBees?

    “RTR” stands for “Right to Represent”. Generally RTRs are signed by staffing agencies for a specific hiring requirement only. EstroBees’ RTR will be needed so we exclusively can represent you to our clients. This way we can provide you our personalized services with a dedicated partner who you will closely work with. This will allow us to understand your unique needs better and find you the Company where you would be a great fit.

  • Are you able to work with different Visa holders?

    Helping people is the core of our mission. We would love to work with people with all types of Visas. But being a start-up, we are currently providing our services to US Citizens, Green Card Holders, H4 EADs, and OPT EADs. That said, we are not very far from providing our services to Visa holders in specific immigrant categories such as H1b and T1N1.

  • Who is a “Applicant Success Partner”?

    An “Applicant Success Partner” (ASP) is an EstroBee associate assigned to you to better understand your professional needs and the types of roles you enjoy. An ASP will:

    1. Coach you if needed
    2. Help identify the Clients / Companies where you would be a great fit in
    3. Submit your profile to the hiring manager directly
    4. Schedule interviews
    5. Provide personal and as well as client’s feedback
    6. Help with making the onboarding process as smooth as possible
    7. Touch base with you post onboarding, once every now and then, to ensure you are happy in your new role

    In short, an ASP will be more your mentor / friend / guardian angel than a point of contact at EstroBee since we aim to build a long lasting bond with you!

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